“A wide empty boulevard” my newest #poem

A wide empty boulevard flanked by trees

Opens up before the night walker

When all is quiet and the world is safely retired to bed

Tall straight backed trees stand proudly to attention

The clean lines of their dark trunks tall and ramrod straight

As they await inspection under a moonlit sky

Each one of a unique character and appearance

That complements and completes this army of wooden soldiers

A thin tree sways in the gentle breeze

Weary from the excesses of the previous night

When gale force winds pummeled and punched their way

Through this woody realm

While the others stare straight ahead

Afeared to turn and see what behoves their comrade

Lest they too be stricken

But ’tis merely a momentary lapse for the wiry trooper revives

The parade breathes a collective sigh of relief and order is resumed

A whisper rustles through the two long rows of branches

Ruffling leaves as it travels down the telegraph line

For the gossips are out in force tonight

They have surfaced to peddle their tidbits most juicy supreme

For the delectation of all those partial

To such delicacies disclosed under cover of dark

Overheard only by the tall dark handsome strong and silent trees

Along with the unseen audience of hundreds of insects and birds

And animals that shelter among the branches

From the elements and from predators that prowl the night scene

d.a.simpson ©

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