#poem #poetry my new verse “At the hour of dusk”

At the hour of dusk by the very edge of the world

Where the sea vanishes into infinity

There appears a stripe of deep lilac

That matures into a rich indigo

Brooded over by a pale apricot sky

That tapers to a thin streak of glowing gold

Where the two great elements meet

Upon the horizontal line that girds the parameters of the earth

This eventide scene a sublime swan song of great beauty

Dolorous now and much woefilled is the ageing day

As its wends its doleful way

Alongside its perpetual companion

The now resigned and setting sun

It knows it journeys closer and closer still

Towards its own demise inevitable

Never again to dwell within the picture perfect

Sea-skyscape frame of earlier this very eve

Of unique classically perfect watercolour masterpiece so breathtaking

For such a display as this

A one off combination

Of purples and blues of oranges and pinks

Is but a mere chance trick of the light and gases

That will never occur again

However long or short the remaining lifespan of the universe is to be

d.a.simpson ©

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