A #poem of mine “High above the world an angry granite sky is panting”

High above the world an angry granite sky is panting

It boils up a vast brew as a horde gathers

Of giant ogres from the hidden kingdoms in the firmament

Empire upon empire of brute steel skies now rise up

Layer after layer in an infinity of light years

Princes and rulers of the vast hidden realms

Shielded by the unbreachable walls of their cities

Built by the bricks of their rapacious appetite for destruction.

Immune from the ferocious burning gaze of the sun

Charge out of their moated castles in the air

Scattering terrified bonded serfs in their thousands

Tending to their celestial duties upon gigantic estates in the sky

Barrel down towards the earth in vast rolls

Of thunderous livid cloud

Rolling through the darkness of the twilight sky

Their fearsome tempestuous faces

Mighty eyebrows blackened by the coming night glower

Angrily hounding like a pack of slavering ravenous wolves

The small humans on the ground who scamper off like mice

Pursued by a cat as they scramble to find sanctuary

In the bright shiny malls and marble halls

Filled with a light of glittering gold

Deluded for a while by shiny trinkets and baubles therein

Lulled into a false sense of security

And deceived into believing they are safe

While the great monsters high above bide their time

Who can strike at will at a time and place of their choosing

And theirs alone d.a.simpson ©

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