#poem #poetry “The year opens wide its hungry jaw”

The year opens wide its hungry jaw
And swallows whole one full quarter of the calendar

In a hasty greedy gulp

Catching the world entire completely unawares

Now the fires of many a month ago

Are once again recalled

Sought out and hastily relit

Thick clothes whose whereabouts

Remained gloriously forgotten

Are now avidly retrieved

From their dark resting places

Heavy curtains and blinds that had remained undisturbed

For many a month in a state of discrete folds, pleats and rolls

Are called upon anew

To come into their own once more

And show themselves in full

Thicker bedding is urgently sought out

Within the farthest recesses

Of unimaginably deep storage spaces

And reinstated in bedrooms across the rapidly cooling world

The year rests awhile replete its seasonal meal over for now

And the world slowly journeys onwards upon its relentless loop

d.a.simpson Β©

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