#poetry my #poem “An exquisite carved ebony arcade”

An exquisite carved ebony arcade of a delicate intricacy

Such as has never before graced

The bleak winter scene of such rugged open moorland

Beckons onwards and entices deeper and deeper still

Into the secret panels of its enchanting corridors

As it weaves a path that disappears into the blackness of the night

Leading further and further towards its dark mysterious destination

The splendid archway of velvet dark trees

Silhouetted against a clear faded blue night sky

Stands proud and defiant upon this grim bare stage

Having survived the brutal ignominy of merciless gales and lashing rain

Stripping the last of their remaining meagre foliage

On their indiscriminate countrywide rampage

Ennobled more still by their endurance during this atrocity

Their dignity grows much enhanced by their silent steadfastness

Their fortitude in the face of trials

Their integrity in not retaliating following the loss of decades of fecundity

In a cloud of splinters and sawdust

Their resilience has paid off

A vast congregation of myriad minuscule birds perch

Upon the tall branches etched against the fading blue sky

As the pale light of the moon pours a hallowing silver glow

Over the lavishly adorned heroic heads

Illuminating the ebony filigree carving of the flock of tiny birds

Dotted all over the scene of devastation

Exhibiting the noble beauty of the survivors

To the countless night sky stars that beam brightly in glowing admiration

d.a.simpson ©

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