#poetry my new #poem “Upon a winter’s day”

Upon a winter’s day arrayed in its finery entire

A bright shining sun of liquid gold bathes the scene

In a gown of glittering blue satin

Embellished by a top layer of fine black lace

Stark black silhouettes of trees

Outlined against a duck egg blue sky

With a deep collar of gold

Red berries for ruby earrings

And a bracelet chain of emerald green leaves

There arrives a large pearl carriage

To whisk the winter’s day to the ball

Where awaits the prince of the night

So handsome in sombre morning suit

With his glistening shiny chestnut hair

And eyes of deep brown that could melt many a heart

The lights from the starry moonlit skies

Glow in his dark eyes of as he catches sight of his fair lady

Gorgeous in all the finery of the season’s most fashionable hues

He sweeps her into his arms

And bears her into the great ballroom of his winter palace

Where the gold light of the princess of the day

Is captured in the glittering chandeliers

Of a thousand of candlelit flames

While the silver mirrors lining the walls

Glister like frosty moonlit nights

Now begins the winter dance of bright days and dark nights

And the darkness slowly consumes

The entire daylight of the slowly waning year

d.a.simpson ©

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