#poem #poetry “At the hour when night clothes the earth” #writersnetwork #WritingCommnunity

At the hour when night clothes the earth

At the very gates to this world

Along the borders between this planet and the dark infinity beyond

Where brood unseen menaces unknowable

And pulse the lives of never yet seen beings

Of monsters dragons beasts and intelligences

There abound rumours and legends so fearsome and dire

In multitudes of permutations of battles and wars

Waged with great arsenals of vast arrays

Of instruments of combat and conflagration unimaginable

A brutal subjugation and cruel death

To wreak upon all life that dwells

On this lush and fecund peaceful world

That the wise men prophets seers and judges convened

With the kings princes and rulers

Of this round disc so pleasant so glorious

In courts established in long ago ancient times

And set out battle plans and strategies

For such dread days as these

To repel vernal warriors waging winter season wars

Devised in the coldest reaches of their own empires

The peoples of the earth to safeguard for the duration entire

d.a.simpson ©

3 thoughts on “#poem #poetry “At the hour when night clothes the earth” #writersnetwork #WritingCommnunity

    1. Oh thank you so much! I am truly encouraged by your comments. I am able to walk in a beautiful part of our world and the inspiration is just waiting outside. Thank you very much for reading and for commenting.


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