“The narrow hours of day my weary soul redeem” my musings on the season #WritingCommunity

The narrow hours of day my weary soul redeem
With myriad lights glistening in the dew
As the dawn blankets the hidden paths with enchanting sparkles
For my mourning spirit yearns for warmth
Found in the companionship of nature’s beauty And comfort brings as it smiles into my sorrowful heart
My very being pines for the loving touch of the summer sun
Yet my soul acquiesces to the edict of the seasons
Ruled upon by celestial powers possessed of far greater wisdom than mine
The firmament’s overview of the realm of nature
Leads to a degree of respite from the earlier exuberance of the year
That now yields to a reliefsome quiet and slowing of vitality
For extravagance extraordinaire cannot eternally by the realm be endured
While many may emit a woeful sigh
As they groan in protest and rebellion
‘Gainst the dark wet and windy times
Of short days and long nights in the bleakness of deepest winter
In their longing for the season of sun to return
Yet others embrace this episode vernal
That renews with its invigorating crispness
That warms the cold face with a gentle icy breeze
While the glorious brilliant whiteness of the sun hanging low in the sky Brings a light to the murk and gloom that preside over the season
An acceptance of the rhythms of nature
Rewards with an unexpected joy at the sombre coolness of the season
And a lifetime dedicated to walking in tune with the pace of the year
Is a lifespan gladly measured in the annual phases of cold
d.a.simpson ©

(Image: Unsplash)

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