“One solitary star left in sole charge” #poem #WritingCommunity

One solitary star left in sole charge
Of the entire vault of heaven
To keep watch and to guard the skies entire
Every single one of the planets
And all of the earth and its myriad creatures
While its colleague the moon has other plans
And abandons its job share post
The slender lunar slice slinks behind a thin veil
Of slow moving clouds
To disrobe and change into an evening attire
Of a fetching soft cream for it is determined to be the star
Of tonight’s lavish extravaganza
A gala event attended by the very brightest in the firmament
For thousands will grace this glittering soirée
Meanwhile the bright lone star glisters
With resentment upon its lonely vigil
Its incandescence as it burns with indignation
Draws the admiration of vast crowds
Over thousands upon thousands of miles
As they gather to gaze up at the sky at night
While the glory of the moon remains visible
Only to its circle of clouds the whole night long
And it is unable to go to the ball
For the golden carriage cannot find the moon behind the cloud
While millions of upturned faces are transfixed by the light
Of Sirius the true bright shining star of this night
d.a.simpson ©

9 thoughts on ““One solitary star left in sole charge” #poem #WritingCommunity

    1. Thank you! You are a star! Thanks to your kind support I am now reposting earlier posts that didn’t have comments option available, with added d’Verse, on the days my new posts aren’t posted, i.e. on alternate days. Thank you and many blessings always.


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