“The sky patrols the great dome high above the world” #poem #WritingCommunity

The sky patrols the great dome high above the world
It preens and swaggers its way across the vast firmament
It admires its reflection sparkling far below
In the deep glassy stillness of a mountain lake
The night is clear and the air is clean
A fresh breeze blows through the emptiness
Silence abounds and fills the deep bowl of the lake
Surrounded by tall rugged mountains
The water ripples its appreciation
Of the picture captured upon its placid surface
Millions of tiny diamonds encrust the deep blue heavens
A diamentΓ© tiara sparkles high in the constellation
The dark velvet glows with pride
As it sways to the music of a thousand stars
d.a.simpson Β©

13 thoughts on ““The sky patrols the great dome high above the world” #poem #WritingCommunity

    1. Thank you so very much for this tremendously uplifting comment! I am glad you enjoyed the poem. The first part to my verbose answer to a previous question of yours is that I probably do spend hours, even through the night, at this with paper and pencil with me, including bed side 24/7 for a sudden phrase or notion that comes and would be impossible to recapture later on. I think many writers do this. Also have phone camera to hand for stunning never to be repeated glories when out and about. I’m sure you do this too. 😊


      1. Awww like many amongst us then. I don’t think I am working. I have a day job. The poetry is just a thing that happens, also as with many. I write the words down and keep tweaking sometimes over weeks/months, it’s a little like working on cultivating plants from scratch. Or any other precious project. The tweaking is the thing. But with some verses it just all rushes out in one go and I don’t feel the need to tweak. None of us is old. We are already living in eternity, with the flimsiest of veils between this current existence and the next ❀


      2. I especially like what you said at the end of your comment–wonderful reminder of truth…we’re living in Eternity and the veil seems quite sheer between here and there. Thank you–blessings ❀

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