“A pallid evening bereaved of joy” recent musings of mine #WritingCommunity

A pallid evening
Bereaved of joy
Hung lifeless impotent downcast
Below a sky indifferent
Of quality indistinct habitual
In a life teeming with lack
Weighed down with a fine drizzle
Of a repute duplicitous
Singularly gifted with an ability
Bordering on that of genius
All souls to drench to the skin
And freeze to the very marrow
Possessed of a persistence
That eluded its less refined brethren
Whose clumsiness
Souls under shelter sped
Before had barely commenced
The battle watery
That made it the envy
Of its cousin more muscular
That much dreaded downpour heavy
Whose quiet cunning
Unawares caught
All but the very cynical
Whose experience
In the vagaries temperamental
Of the barometer changeable
Cognoscenti par excellence
In preparedness diligent
For every eventuality elemental
Them thoroughly did school
d.a.simpson ©

(Image: Shutterstock)

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