“The palette of colours radiant” #d’Verse #poem #WritingCommunity

The palette of colours radiant
By the brush of the artist celestial expertly blended
Across the heavens before daybreak scurried
Its joyous hues to spread from end to end
Of the dawn sky
As it awoke
The firmament a robe in topaz hazarded
Of a timbre vibrant this day to adorn
The sparkling glory
Of the turquoise veil
A’shimmer upon the face of the deep below
To mirror and emulate
In mimicry borne not of envy borne
But of admiration and adulation
Allies and teamwork
Not foes and fighting
The vaulted dome
With rainbow coloured, sceptre and golden orb
The mantle of office royal to assume
By the conclave heavenly anointed
The crown to wear
This new day to rule
d.a.simpson ©
(Image: V Nordli-Mathisen. Unsplash)

15 thoughts on ““The palette of colours radiant” #d’Verse #poem #WritingCommunity

      1. Oh thank you for your kind consideration and reassurance. I am greatly encouraged by these positive comments. Please rest assured that I don’t feel discouraged at all if posts don’t have comments. All of us readers can enjoy poems but without always having time to comment. Many blessings ❤


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