“A tsunami of sorrow” #writersnetwork #WritingCommunity

A tsunami of sorrow and dread washed over the world
Its vast waves invaded the lands
As an ambush by surprise
Overcomes the slumbering
For none had the possibility of the invasion foreseen
Neither scouts nor spies had returned
To the ruling courts and palaces
With reports of activity suspicious and attack imminent
The unsuspecting world was caught totally unawares
When the unwelcome intruder marauding
Its probes on destruction intent did send
Into all realms
Wantonly massacring the people
Plundering the wealth of the world
The survivors leaving in mourning and in ruins
Forever changed by succumbing
To the appetites rapacious
Of the great twin plagues of grief and fear
That to a lowering of morale ever lead
Weakening all so that victim they fell
To loss of moral fibre and bodily strength
And perished
Their former lives and standing in the world
Now but a faint memory distant
Like a faded photograph in a dusty frame
A thing of horror and trepidation
That would forever be recalled
In the annals of the generations of the future
d.a.simpson ©

Image: DavidZydd on Pixabay

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