“A heavy and persistent rain” following an unseasonal downpour

A heavy and persistent rain
Did the land green and pleasant overwhelm
In a coup d’état suprême
And all the living by ambush
Were by surprise o’ertaken
On a midsummer’s day innocent
Whose promises of strawberries and cream
Beneath a canopy of sky blue and sunshine bedazzling
Were without any warning whatsoever utterly thwarted
Now garden birds in muted voice did chirrup
As ‘neath the vaulted ceiling of a weeping cherry tree
Their shelter they sought
Upon their repast of berry and seed
With muted enthusiasm to sup
No fluttering excited of wings customary did they perform
Neither lofty fly pasts nor aerobatics spectacular did they display
No visits to the now overflowing bird baths did they undertake
Great drops of rainwater with abandon gleeful
Did on the glassy surface of a lily pond
Like a circus troupe of trampoliners unabashedly bounce
Not a single bee did hither and thither busily buzz
Nor did there appear damsel fly or butterfly
The sorry afternoon
With cavorting and frolicking delightful to grace
The sun was much loath its face to show
And hid away all the day long
For fear of reprimand and chastisement
From this realm verily soggy
Right in the midst of summertime
O but there did in contrast most remarkable Resound an ode to joy triumphant from the rapturous hordes
Of trees and shrubs and lawns and flowering plants in full voice anew
Their parched throats now soothed
and thirsts torturesome slaked at last
By the abundant waters copious from on high

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