“A vision of times of yore” reflections on the current era.

A vision of times of yore
Invaded the dreams of those who dream
With a nostalgia for kingdoms past
Now forever lost
In the mists of time
That cast their shrouds
Over a world at war
By clouds of dread fear
And murderous pestilence to overcome
Kingdoms of freedoms
Beyond the wildest imaginings
Of today’s inhabitants
Of the brave broken new world
That rose from the ashes
Of the world of yesteryear
Of realms of plenty
When all about roamed abroad
Carefree and debonair
Upon this glorious earth that humanity calls home
A time and place of abundance
Of wealths material
And possibilities opportunities endless
The universe was the oyster
Oh indeed the very oyster
Of those born in a land and a time of plenty and abundance
Of those born in a utopia
Of those a cornucopia guaranteed
Who now dwell in a hostile land
Of no promises nor assurances
of instant satisfaction
All whims and desires fulfilled as soon as they begin
No queues and no shortages
But nothing changes for the have nots
For these ones
This life temporary
Upon this coil mortal
The way has been hard
For brief lives of much strife
Whose souls yearned and yearn to this day
For the promises assured
By the Ancient of days
While the haves now stare at the blank murals
In the halls of new heroes
And puzzle over how to begin
To refill the unplanned empty frescoes
And galleries of their lives anew

14 thoughts on ““A vision of times of yore” reflections on the current era.

  1. I’m simply stunned! Such deep thoughts on history, present and existence! The smooth flow with the reflective/meditative mood guided my eyes several times from the first line to the last, and took me on a tour into history and back into present to see and reflect upon the intricacies of existence.

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  2. Oh! Thank you so very much for such an encouraging appraisal! Many types of the occurences we experience have been experienced throughout history. I’m very glad that you caught the sense that I was trying to convey in this poem. Thank you very much for reading it and for your feedback.

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