“In the final hours of darkness” recent musings of mine. #poem #poetry #verse

In the final hours of darkness
That preceded the outbreaking of day
To the brood of clouds a brewing
That above the realm did hover
Like ghosts of dawn
Awaiting the order
For to storm the realm
Did sternly speak to the firmament most lofty
The bearers of rains to behove
Their mission with mercy and justice temperate to fulfil
For the land below in tears of grief still drenched
From the carnage of the great unseeable destroyer
Had remaining neither will nor fibre sufficient
A further assault to endure
And so it was that a tender sprinkling of rain
Was softly scattered upon the stricken
That in them did instil
A notion of a celestial empathy
Being upon them lavished amid their sorrowing
That consoled them much
And in the hearts and souls of the dire afflicted
This did then a few seeds of blessèd hope sow
That in the land did a new beginning birth
As dawned the fresh day after night


Image: Anni Roenkae on Pexels

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