“The storm brooded” repost of an earlier poem. #poem #poetry #verse

The storm brooded upon the horizon
It glowered and scowled
Beneath its furrowed brow of anger foreboding
As its shirt tails it gathered
Into sharp pleats a’menacing
Of slate grays and angry purples
That met the finality of indigos and granite blacks
At the borderlands where sea meets sky
Beneath bubbling clouds a’rolling
With pent up aggression a’simmer
Their boiling point barely suppressed
Nor held in check
By the overlord of the firmament
Who above the impending drama did hover
His baton held aloft
Emitting lightning strikes
Across the firmament a streaming
As myriad arrows of brilliant white
From a celestial quiver
With anticipation ever increasing
The command to issue awaiting
For the assault to commence
Upon the target in innocence clothed
Lining the shores of the beach
A sleepy hamlet of ramshackle dwellings
By age misshapen
A portrait of tranquil contentment
From a bygone age
By lack of preparation afflicted
For the ravages to come
By the thunderstorm merciless inflicted


Image by Comfreak on Pixabay

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