“A monumental sky” #poem #poetry #verse

A monumental sky of granite grey
Discharges myriad bullets of icy raindrops
Onto the seething green waters
Flooded by the light of the pale cream moon
That hangs low
Over the querulous turmoil of the ocean
Even the rocks mightily struggle
Under the relentless assault
From the merciless pounding
Of the heaving waves
As great plumes of foam
Recoil from the impact
And shoot high up into the heavens
The roar of the waves
Like the roar of a thousand lions
Echoes along the shoreline
With each merciless smash
Against the long suffering shore
Not a soul is about this evening
All life human and animal retreating
Deep into their shelters
Until have been sated in full
The appetites rapacious
Of unbridled nature unleashed


Image by Michael Dam on Unsplash

10 thoughts on ““A monumental sky” #poem #poetry #verse

  1. So powerful, love the conflict between the ocean and the sky with humans and animals reduced to passive viewers in retreat. Nature seems sublime. ❤🤩

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