“When the day wearies” #poem #poetry #verse

When the day wearies
And life away does slowly ebb
Relentless is the approach of night
As life’s work now lies complete
The tapestry is rolled up
The threads are put away
All clamour is stilled
All strife is ended
The struggles are over
The voice that will speak no more
Quiescent lies
The eyes that once did alert all about gaze
Now beneath closed lids see no more
The mind that with myriad thoughts did teem
For the brief span upon mortals bestowed
Now considers nought of this life’s concerns
The hands that toiled and laboured
That loved and crafted
Do together unite
In unspoken prayer-like repose without end
The feet that once about this world entire
Did consider perchance to roam
Now stilled do idle
The heart that for joy abounding did leap
That with very life did much glow
That with grief did break
As all through the years
It faithfully did beat
Now slows and weakens
For the race has been run
The path entire has been walked
The life is spent
Its tasks complete
The companions of this journey temporary
Now about do gather
A weeping of heart
Silent in their grief for not to awaken
The slumberer from rest
A rest that will soon permanent be
Until that last day
When the great clarion call awaited
Shall rouse all
Both the walking
And the supine about their sepulchres
For to awaken to new life without end

Image by WalterClark on Pixabay

8 thoughts on ““When the day wearies” #poem #poetry #verse

  1. Thank you very much. I’m glad that you liked it. It just seemed to come together by itself after I’d penned the first couple of lines. I heard something in passing the other day about life ending along the lines of “when the work is done etc” but I can’t place that poem. My own one came about as a result of me turning over that idea in my mind for several hours.

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