“The sky was achingly beautiful” #poem #poetry #verse

The sky was achingly beautiful 
Attired in the powdery hues of dusk 
Attended by courtiers a many
In rich gowns of crushed velvet 
A shimmer in the exquisite beauty bittersweet
Of the fading light
As a billow of cloud  
Assumed the garb of nightime
In faded ambers and pale lilacs
Like a weary flock of birds
The ethereal entities 
Hung limp and lifeless 
In the comfort nocturnal most welcome 
By the great firmament afforded 
As its taut canvas it stretched out 
Across the vast dimensions of the heavens 
Like an immense curtain
That the realm entire 
Embraced in a swirl of soft veils 
The colour of sweet peas and honey
For slumber to induce
Until finally the day faded and withered
For want of light 
At the approach of night
As grass yellows and wearies 
For lack of water
In the midst of a drought


Image by LeesDesign on Pixabay

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