“The tree lined avenue” #poem #poetry #verse

The tree lined avenue awash with a silvery light  
Onward into the misty night softly leads
Ever nearer it entices  
Its endless mysteries alluring  
Seductively tantalising by stealth  
Along its indistinct corridors mysterious 
Gusts and swirls from another reality
Ever further draw inward draw
Like merchants their wares of the exotic peddling   
Their inducements and promises fantastical a’murmuring
In a strange otherworldly language bemusing
Whose sounds and words 
To all understanding recondite ever remain
But whose deeper meaning elude none
While the whispering trees shiver in the cool air
And in the stillness of the eventide
The heart brims over with joy unspeakable
As the knowing eve silent impassive dwells 
Not to frit nor to deter from undertaking 
This path that would forever change 
All who therein do venture
For at the end of this journey momentary
There would another self emerge 
Who out of one reality 
And into another had perchance stepped 
This placid eventide 
A very stranger now 
By metamorphosis forever changed 
Altogether different to the footloose soul 
Who but moments earlier
Entered this mystical corridor 
That upon an innocent mist had been borne
And in the evening shadows emerged
This single purpose ethereal to fulfil                                                       


 Image by Jose Vega from Pexels

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