“The mist seethed” #poem #poetry #verse

The mist seethed in the unseen bleakness 
Beyond the invisible boundaries ethereal 
To the defenseless hamlet blameless 
Whose walls ever unseen by mortal eye 
Little protection ‘gainst invisible forces 
From realms from far distant proffered 
The brume autumnal simmered and squirmed 
It pulsed and shuddered in the oppressive darkness of the night 
Like a volcano hissing beneath a sky of indigo
Exhaling before the battle 
A volatile entity with anticipation palpitating
A mesmerising miasma oscillating 
All swirl and steam
Like a thing otherworldly of ill intent possessed 
Like spirits ghostly with malice in mind
For to wreak upon the somnolent realm tranquil 
The thick fog now summoned an army 
From the four corners of the sky 
For to march upon the enemy innocent
By stealth perfected cloaked
By the element of surprise much advantaged
It swamped the realm with a blanket of damp
The spirit to weigh down
The soul to burden
To resolve resolute for to weaken 
The very fibre to undermine 
Foundations to seep to the core beyond repair
In places it clung to the muscular trees
Their torsos and boughs saturating
With unctuous life sapping slime viscid
Leaching the very vitality from their hearts
It slid along the paths 
A’carpeting them with a slippery film gelatinous
The traveller to fell
It covered the lake 
Shielding its sparkling beauty
It veiled the eyes of the watching 
Forbidding them to see their hand in front of their faces
Theirs or that of another
Whether friend or foe in the gloom
It insinuated itself between the firmament 
That unseen starry moonlit beauty
It hovered about the realm uninvited
Until the great golden warrior of day
Armed with light all seeing and heat indefatigable 
Verily burned through the misty shroud
Sending it shrinking and slinking away 
Sanctuary for to seek 
Within the fading shadows of the dying night
For there to shrivel and forever vanish
Until a new incumbent immaterial ethereal 
With prideful notions of victory triumphant 
Did the mantle wraithsome assume 
The realm nocturnal to conquer anew awhile 

Image: Paul Blenkhorn @SensoryArtHouse from Unsplash 

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