“Upon the disquieted spirit” #poem #poetry #verse

Upon the disquieted spirit settles an inner peace 
When amid the dark days of grimmest winter 
Of tempest storm and raging freezing wind 
That all creatures chill to the very marrow 
And driving rain that every eye blinds
As a river of grief down the face it flows 
A sense of peace the troubled soul now invades
And the spirit settles during this the hardest of seasons 
For at the certainties during this life’s journey
The abounds the heart with deepest joy
During these times of empty streets
Short grey daytimes of aloneness
Long dark nights of many a ponderous hour
Months of feverish dread disease 
To very survival itself perilous 
Risk to life and limb from debris in flight
Through the air by the tearing gales blasted 
Hardship from flood waters rising 
And the cutting of supplies and power 
Temperatures outside and even inside 
So low and cruel most agonising 
Hellish demons of bleak midwinter 
Through the wasteland of emptiness rampaging 
In the cold and dark 
None of these do much trouble 
The deepest core of humankind
For as with the entirety of life itself 
Once is owned the brute state 
Of the human condition frail 
The heart a strength invincible learns
And a contentment abundant the spirit invades 
For ever after with a lasting gratitude to reward
Even amid the very darkness 
For the gift of light enduring 
Ever abides e’en amidst the storms 
Of temporary earthly life temporary much trialsome 

Image by USGS on Unsplash

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