“Later that day” #poem #poetry #verse

Later that day 
Following in the wake much wretched 
Of the dread ravages 
From a pitiless storm most merciless emanating 
The face of the eventide sky
Red from weeping
Upon a sheet of lilac supine did recline 
As it bore the angry welts 
Of the stricken kingdom disconsolate 
To the glowing sunset beneficient it did appeal
Who upon the afflicted does pour 
Myriad blandishments honeyed
And a soothing balm of pure gold
Upon the wounded defeated
Before the great daystar crepuscular 
Abed beside the injured
Did tenderly lie
Perchance for all to slumber awhile
Until the new morn nigh drew
With a healing redemptive 
Upon its wings of forenoon benign 
Graciously bearing                                          
 ~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by ractapopulos from Pixabay 

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