“Alive one day” #poem #poetry #verse

Alive one day 
Is each soul who upon this earth 
Does temporary dwell 
As vibrant as the blazing sun this day 
Gone the next in a mere blink of an eye 
Like a castle made of sand
By the unrelenting tides of time
Washed away by the mighty sea
The life entire and the stories it could tell
Of its time in this reality temporary 
Now for ever more vanished
Like the early morning dew 
Like a plume of smoke in the wind 
Swallowed up by the vast cosmos 
Into the great unknown
Beyond this realm 
From whence it came 
Into the vast expanse unseen
By the words of mere mortals indescribable 
Into another world
Where all can only go to
Not return from
With wondrous tales to tell 
And dread fears to quell
With myriad tidings gladsome to bring            
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by 8926 from Pixabay 

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