“High on the clifftop” #poem #poetry #verse

High on the clifftop 
Overlooking the sweeping bay below 
A tiny hamlet 
In miniature from such lofty heights 
A mere dot on the map 
To the world inconsequential 
Clings to the shore 
That lines the deserted beach
Guarded by sand dunes
Which separate the golden strip 
That forms a natural border
Twixt the golden sands and the ramshackle dwellings
As this way and that they list unassuming 
In a tranquil idyll
Wreathed by a peace beyond compare 
That exudes a contentment 
And an innocence otherworldly  
As the homesteads companionable nestle together 
Beneath the benign gaze 
Of the monumental firmament 
That tonight seems so low
Within reach
As to the blessed scene it draws near
Its celestial blandishments
Upon the realm to bestow                                

~ d.a.simpson  ~

Image by Jung-Hua Liu from Pexels 

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