“With a face of molten bronze” #poem #poetry #verse

With a face of molten bronze and liquid amber 
With limbs of coruscating fire 
The sun burned high in the sky 
Far above a day of blistering cold 
With winds of ice and freezing rain possessed 
That tore like talons of steel at skin and soul
That cut like glass through to the very marrow 
That froze like liquid nitrogen the hearts of the living 
And caused the trees to shudder much
While the great daylight star benign a’beaming
Lowered its gentle gaze to’ard the suffering realm  
And melted the icebound gales
And thawed the stony hearts of the clouds
As its glorious way it blazed
Through the monumental walls 
Of the dome of the mighty firmament 
Freely casting about from aloft its golden rays 
As from the east to the west 
Its warmth it scattered upon the land below 
As it sorrowed and struggled
In the iron grip of a day most brutal
Until the glorious light a’pulsing 
In the handsome heavens
Did revive utterly the spirits of all 
And verily warmed their hearts anew 
As the world entire tall and proud did stand
In the effulgence of a sunblessed winter’s day 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by Ciao on Pexels 

8 thoughts on ““With a face of molten bronze” #poem #poetry #verse

  1. Wow! Thank you so very much indeed for these tremendously encouraging comments of yours! I’m delighted that this one puts you in mind of these two greats who are amongst my own favourites alongside the sublime Shakespeare and Keats. I’m glad that you enjoyed this one!


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