“A thin reed” #poem #poetry #verse

A thin reed verily strained 
For to draw out the final pain ridden notes 
Of a plaintive lament 
Upon a windswept hill 
In hues the colour of bleakness and woe 
Wrapped in a cloak of sorrow 
Beneath an impassive sky
Of inscrutable greys 
That regarded the small gathering 
Of shivering mourners 
Who in their loss
Together for warmth and comfort did huddle 
As to contain their grief they did struggle
Beneath a firmament benign 
That began to slowly weep upon the pitiful scene
In a soft drizzle 
While the granite hill
Closer to the assembled did gather
At their hour of sadness
In solidarity unvoiced with the suffering
As golden rays most tender from the great sun above
Did bathe the grieving in a gentlesome light of hope
Abounding in myriad consolations celestial

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by sheenadot on Pixabay 

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