“On the riverbed” #poem #poetry #verse

On the riverbed 
There lie great giants silent and still 
Megalithic boulders of granite 
From a mighty cosmic event in ages past 
Whence the universe entire 
Into very chaos was thrown 
Whereupon from the depths they were scooped 
And all about scattered
Likes small pebbles insignificant on a beach
Some on gentle verdant slopes 
Others over pastures green
In an almighty upheaval seismic of the cosmos 
From the great rivers and lakes
Above and beneath the surface of the earth 
And from the vast skies 
Now these grey monsters like statues supine do lie
Beneath the sparkling waters
That across moorland and through trees 
Ever a’rushing do go
Impassive and grey
Witnesses all to the passage of time 
Over millennia upon millennia 
Of their repose a’slumbering do yet partake 
In their haven idyllic of serenity tranquil 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by Camera-man from Pixabay 

9 thoughts on ““On the riverbed” #poem #poetry #verse

  1. Very many thanks indeed for your kind encouraging words.

    There is much delight and true joy to be derived from entering into the cause of the many wonders that abound in nature.

    I’m glad that this poem resonated with you so


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