“The beauty of the evening” #poem #poetry #verse

The beauty of the evening 
In hues of gold and crimson arrayed 
Was verily marred 
By the histrionics melodramatic 
In notes of lament in lilacs and purples 
The colour of woe and mourning 
Of lenten days redolent 
From whence abound austerity and denial
Rich in regrets melancholic for times past and lost
As the darkening features of the firmament 
And a meekness of countenance 
That hinted at shrived garb and widows weeds
In preparation for the demise of daytime
Chastened the merriment unseemly 
Of the show ostentatious 
A’flaunted by the day yet in full bloom
Like a gaudy outfit at a wake
That refused the demeanour of modesty 
As the eulogy a’commencing
Avowed most sombre and staid to be
While the mature of sobriety pudent 
Rolled their eyes and sighed much
At the unseemly pretensions of dusk 
With its florid displays exorbitant
And exhibitionist flares the colour of carnivals
That refused to bow to the inevitable 
In the muted melodies of quietude serene
The dark indigo of night for to herald 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by AdinaVoicu from Pixabay 

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