“Below a treacherous sky” #poem #poetry #verse

Below a treacherous sky 
Of cloudless blue 
That upon the horizon 
Betrayed a bank of billowing clouds 
Rich in promises of rain 
There dwelt a stoical plateau 
Of baked clay and cracked earth
A deserted wasteland 
Inhabited by a lone tree bare of leaf
That upwards rose
From an innocuous hillock
Of scruffy weeds and tufts of grass ungainly
Which overlooked a dessicated scrubland
That evoked the barrenness of the heart 
And futility of earthly pursuits temporary
By preoccupations temporal beset 
As they waxed and waned like the very moon itself
In their glorious triumphs and dismal failures 
Then vanished into the yonder ether
Beyond the undulating hills of terracotta 
Beneath a sky impassive and silent 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay 

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