“A retinue of sycophants” #poem #poetry #verse

A retinue of sycophants 
Attired in robes of crimson 
And swathed in veils of gold 
Race across the celestial dome 
For to chase the dying sun 
That mighty star of day
A’coruscating in a blaze of flames
As it slides lower and ever lower
Down the monumental wall
Of the crepuscular firmament 
To’ard the waiting line of indigo
That edges the circle of the earth
Where the seas glow a’flaring
Like a supernal cauldron of burning embers
Beneath a sky on fire 
That slowly vanishes 
To the darkness of night yielding
As the great curtain of velvet 
Is from east to west drawn 
The hour of night for to commence 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by susan-lu4esm on Pixabay 

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