“A flurry of myriad leaves” #poem #poetry #verse

A flurry of myriad leaves 
In ambers and reds 
By the stiff autumn breeze 
Swept up from the ground 
Where supine and spent they lay 
Now gathered up by a breeze a’swirl
Tossed high into the air 
And cast all about 
Set free beneath the cerulean canopy
A dazzling dance 
Merrily to perform 
Of a tarantella a’whirling 
Their freedom gleeful 
For to relish awhile 
Bathed in the golden rays
From the mighty star of day
Amid the bright blue skies
That arched over the great boughs
Now bare of leaf
Denuded by the passage of time 
And the relentless approach
Of the changing of the seasons inevitable 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by WARREN BLAKE from Pexels 

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