“The signature of sunset” #poem #poetry #verse

The signature of sunset 
In ink of crimson 
Large is writ 
‘Gainst the fading blue 
Emblazoned far aloft 
In yonder cosmic heights 
For the realm much to delight 
Adorning the taut sheet of linen 
That from east to west does stretch
Above the seas a’sparkling 
That in the eastern dominions celestial 
Began the tale of day 
At dawn’s early light
In a buttercup yellow penned
As a blaze of turquoises 
Embellished the sky entire
The hours of day throughout
While etched in white 
A languid trio of gulls
High in the monumental firmament 
Did a’hover and a’linger
For to grace the scene awhile                       

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by IvaCastro from Pixabay 

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