“A lilac sunset” #poem #poetry #verse

A lilac sunset
Bloomed in the crepuscular sky
As the sun dipped low
In the evening
It skimmed the horizon of indigo
For to hover there awhile
As in the final gasps of day it languished much
With a reluctant heart
The realm to depart
As a yearning grew within its spirit
For to tarry and to linger amid such beauty
All about the canopy of pale mauves
And lavender blues
Run through with streaks of gold a’gleaming
That shimmered in the blazing light
Of the glowing daystar
That now exalted extravagant
In its crowning achievement sublime
Its final adieu anguished
In all its dying glory

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Juanma_Martin on Pixabay

15 thoughts on ““A lilac sunset” #poem #poetry #verse

  1. Oh how wonderful! The 2 mile long seashore is lined with folk just gazing, wanting the display to last forever I’m certain.
    Some solitary souls like me watch the whole scene from the top of the cliff which is a climb but worth it!

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