“The velvet sky” #poem #poetry #verse

The velvet sky sparkled 
Its resplendent cloak over the world a’shimmering 
The grand firmament for to adorn 
With stardust scintillating 
Upon a star studded eventide 
The day and its cares cast now aside 
Its mundanity with very glee shrugged off
Like an old cloak of drab hue
In favour of the glamorous attire 
Of evening and its promises a many
As myriad creatures of night
In their glittering finery magnificent 
Berobed and much bejeweled 
From every reach of the cosmos
Slowly into the softened light
From their myriad quarters emerged
As day from night was peeled away
And the screen of bright daylight hours
Into the lofty heights was hoisted
As the tableau of deep indigo was unrolled 
Like a vast tapestry 
With a wealth of tales to tell
Of small talk and sparkling laughter 
Like the fizz from the champagne glasses
From which the gathering of glitterati excitedly did sip
Bathed in the iridescent opalescent light
By the vast moon emitted
While at the edges of the scene of the stellar party 
There glowed lights the distant display 
Of golds and crimsons from a setting sun 
Somewhere upon the yonder horizon afar
As yellows and brilliant greens
Verily danced atop the world
To the music of the night
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: 8385 Pixabay

8 thoughts on ““The velvet sky” #poem #poetry #verse

  1. A beautifully written poem. When I look at the beautiful photo of the stars in the universe, I realize how small a almost trivial my few troubles are in life.

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