“A flamboyance of flamingos” #poem #poetry #verse

A flamboyance of flamingos
Grace the evening
In silhouettes of ebony black etched
‘Gainst the shimmering amber tones
At play upon the still waters
As approached the hour of dusk
When wanes the day unto eventide
That famed hour enigmatic
Of myriad treasures crepuscular
Upon the scene enchanted
The elegance of their reflections
A’quiver upon the glassy smooth pond
In the light of a realm
Verily bedaubed in hues of copper
Poised pensive do they briefly hesitate
Mystified by their own mirrored reflections
Atop the glow of saffron effulgent
Their silhouettes at them gazing in return
From the polished sheen of the surface below
By their gilded world bestowed
Redolent of a time to come
Where all is endless light continuous
Afore their long slender limbs collapsible
Fold sudden with the pliability of a mariner’s quadrant
And poised like ballet dancers
Daintily do they now place their feet
Into the depths unseen within the lake of molten brass
As tentatively their elegant heads they do slowly lower
For to dip into the golden nectar
Perchance their thirst for to slake
Amid the bountiful treasure abundant
Of the tranquil watering hole
Aglow in the lambent light
As the sun begins to set one mystical eve

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: YANNIS KOURTOGLOU/REUTERS taken from The Times newspaper

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