“Veils of finest silver filigree” #poem #poetry #verse

Veils of finest silver filigree 
And sheets of ivory lace 
Adorn the wintertide realm 
At the behest of the evening fog 
Under the star strewn winter sky 
As strains of a string orchestra distant 
For a repertoire of airs melancholic famed
Sorrowful melodies from ages past 
Across the cool night do float
There is an honesty unequivocal about the coldness vernal 
After the daylight hours have wearied 
That binds wounds by secret griefs inflicted
Soothing the aching spirit in this valley of weeping 
As the hours of night do cooler grow 
Upon their progress relentless
When fortifications and walls of cold abound 
Built icy brick by icy cold brick 
Upon the woes of a soul harrowed
Familiar with sorrows and losses upon this earthly voyage
And a strength that nurtures and sustains the failing spirit 
Now increases in the heart of the afflicted 
Until better days all sorrowing shall dispel
E’en though such times as these
Perchance not until the hereafter shall enjoyed be
Beyond that renowned final gate earthly
That out of this world temporal mercifully does lead

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by AidaKhubaeva on Pixabay 

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