“A feral shriek” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

A feral shriek 
That emanated from some vulpine throat 
Within the shrouds of winter concealed 
Did rent in two 
The eerie stillness of the night 
A shudder and a shiver involuntary 
In the living it did cause 
As two orbs of glowing amber 
Burned through the mist 
Their searing gaze never wavering 
In the depths of gloom they did coruscate
With a watchful regard
Rich in menace and cunning 
Amid a fine featured face inscrutable 
Crowned by a tell tale pair of pointed ears
That stood proud in the brume
Then suddenly the sleek body was gone
Slinking away into the shadows indistinct 
From whence it had come 
Its nefarious noctural intent for to pursue
Shielded by the cloak of darkness 
That pervaded the vernal realm 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Camera-man on Pixabay 

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