“A sea the colour of despair” #poem #poetry #verse #writers #WritingCommunity

A sea the colour of despair
Churned sands of sorrowful mien
Beneath cold steel sky
A’mottle with clouds of grubby countenance
One tempest filled day
As brute shards of icy rain merciless
Were upon the realm below pelted relentless
By the fury of the wintersome wind
When the a’feared all a tremble
Into their shelters did scurry
Deep within their sanctuaries
Shelter for to seek
Where reality and its perils
They could for a time deny
As they of happier days they did recount
Solace and consolation for to find
Amid the maze of illusion and denial
Which they created to repel the portent ominous
Of the celestial regard of granite
That did verily scowl at the world from on high
While the venturesome and the bold of heart
For the shore did hurriedly hasten
The majesty and beauty of nature in the raw to witness
As the story of a wintertide storm sublime
In all its extravagant drama unbridled
Burgeoned before their eager eyes delighted
And the glory of the unfolding tumult
They did gleefully observe and much relish
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Louise Hill (louhill) from Unsplash

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