“A light frost” #poem #poetry #verse #writing #writingcommunity

The ground was dusted with a light frost 
That sparkled like diamonds 
It glistened in the early morning light 
Like a myriad stars 
That illumined the nascent dawn 

While in the heavenly realms 
That arched over the world 
A vast dome draped in violet 
Studded with an eternity of stars 
As far as the eye could see and beyond 
Into the unseen infinity 
Of worlds beyond worlds 
That stretch into yonder cosmos 
Into the far reaches of time itself 
Sprinkled the realm below 
With glittering blandishments
That glistered in the cool vernal air
As night slipped off the celestial stage
For to yield to a daybreak imminent 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Andy Holmes (andyjh07) on Unsplash 

23 thoughts on ““A light frost” #poem #poetry #verse #writing #writingcommunity

  1. Adore this piece in your lovely poem…
    “As far as the eye could see and beyond
    Into the unseen infinity
    Of worlds beyond worlds
    That stretch into yonder cosmos
    Into the far reaches of time itself “

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  2. Thank you! I’m delighted that you enjoyed this poem.
    I do indeed live in the countryside, in a small coastal town, with fields, moorland, hills, lakes, seas, forests, rivers. It’s an absolute jewel beneath vast skies. I truly do realise what a profound blessing it is to be here. Very many blessings always

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