“A porcelain moon” #poem #poetry #verse

A porcelain moon 
Emerged from behind the veil 
Of a nebulous haze 

Which hovered spectral 
‘Tween the skeletal boughs 
Of an ornate cherry tree exquisite 
Stark ‘gainst the plain canvas 
Of celestial indigo infinite 

As it cast an opaque shadow 
Across the elegant darkness of night 
That covered the tranquil realm 
With a shimmering sheet of sapphire
That glistered with a sparkling scintillation
Of a multitude of stellar luminaries 
Amid the nocturnal sphere abiding 
Far into the mountainous heights 
Of yonder sublime vault empyreal 

And ever onward into the remote expanse beyond 
Which dispelled the cheerless gloom forlorn
Of a bleak hibernal desolation 
That burdened the land awhile 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Larisa-K on Pixabay

19 thoughts on ““A porcelain moon” #poem #poetry #verse

  1. I’m sorry about you not realising. It’s been going on for a while and I have longed to comment on your lovely work. I shall certainly make up for lost time when you have resolved the issue. As you rightly say, there always seems to be something going on like that. It happens all over social media. I hope it all goes okay

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  2. That is amazing! How extraordinary! The whole point of these social media engagements is to connect with others! Ah well at least you have now amended the number and I’m sure you’ll be keeping a watchful eye on your comment numbers. I look forward to commenting on your posts. ❤

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