“The aged vernal sky” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

The aged vernal sky glowers 
And its countenance turns dark 
At the sight of the infant spring 
With its array of bright colours 
And twittering birds 
Hither and thither a rushing 

From its mighty throne 
Aloft in the vaulted ceiling celestial 
It stoops low in the firmament 
The small realm below to regard 
And with rage incandescent it simmers much

The hardness of its gaze 
Verily freezes the ground below 
Turning back the calendar to’ard winter awhile

Now with delight unbridled the sky looks on
As the insifignant creatures below
Embrace anew with a stoic resignation 
The return of times inclement
Of a fresh round of wintry storms 
By robust icy gales driven 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: kienvirak on Pixabay 

27 thoughts on ““The aged vernal sky” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

  1. Your poem means that spring, despite its promises, still threatens the world living under the sky. And indeed, heavy rains and frost can happen (March, May). This poem is impressing.
    Love ❤

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  2. Timely and wonderful. Here where I live, we had a beautiful 67 degree day followed two days later by snowfall, enough to leave an inch or so on the ground. The aged winter sky may glower all it wants; the vernal wood will arise more potent than crocuses, and stoicism will thaw in spring’s hopeful breath! Thanks for sharing another beautiful bit of word art!

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  3. Very many thanks indeed for these kind words of encouragement. And empathy! Your sentiments are much appreciated. It’s a mixed blessing when the weather turns. A part of me mourns the passing of winter because it’s such an inspiring time of the year, poetically and spiritually too. Yet I cannot help but rejoice at the sight of the bright spring flowers and the newness of life all about. The weather begins to thaw us out, we acclimatise then the cold, wind and rain return awhile and confuse everything. But all is well. We have much to be thankful for.

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  4. Thank you…I’m absolutely delighted that this poem resonated with you in this way and that you empathise with my sentiments that led me to pen this piece!
    Merci beaucoup de vos commentaires gentils ❤🌹


  5. Thank you for your appreciative feedback. I’m greatly encouraged by your sympathy for my musings. As you say, March and even May can bring vernal weather systems. Even in June it has been known to snow here!
    I’m delighted that you enjoyed this poem! 🌺🌺


  6. Thank you!
    At this time of the year spring is definitely here but the weather keeps turning cold and wintry for the next few weeks till more summery weather gets established.
    I’m delighted that you enjoyed this poem!

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  7. Ah … you too! It’s often a challenge in this part of the world to know what to wear! Some of us are led to observe that we can experience all 4 seasons in one day!


  8. Very many thanks! We have plenty of “weather” in these parts and most of us are thoroughly acquainted with its various personalities. We live in an area of the world where there are beautiful walks that entice us outside all year round whatever the weather.

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