“The night sang” #poem #poetry #verse

The night sang sorrowful lullabies 
Rich in words of mourning 
When the hour of midnight began to recede 
As in the east a nascent daybreak 
Ripened on the skyline 
And an incipient dawn hinted 
At the demise of nighttide 
While the condoling moon hearkened 
To the nocturnal air of lament lachrymose 
Rich in notes of poignancy and pathos 
As the pale disc glowed 
In hues pearlescent of sympathy 
That shimmered in the darkness 
And the benign orb drew near
For to console the sorrowing nighttime hour 
Much a weeping in a sky of deep violet 
Awash with a million stars
Which vanished far into yonder horizons
At the edge of very time 
And into the distant depths celestial 
As to indigo they did turn 
At the gates to a realm of an ethereal otherness 
Which exulted in an endless day 
Beyond all understanding 
That transcended the temporal world
Of fleeting realities ephemeral 
Where dark and light vied 
For to rule the veil of transient skies impermanent
That lay below the infinite cosmic eternity unfathomable 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: jplenio on Pixabay 

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