“In yonder heavens” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

In yonder distant heavens ethereal 
Light from a myriad upon myriad stars 
Illumines the vaulted ceiling 
Of the celestial halls 
That with choral song plainsong to echo 
Beyond the veil of unknowing 
The now, not yet 
That all the created inhabit 
Knowingly or not 
Until the time of the great uncovering 
When the veil
So thin so very thin
Yet utterly impenetrable 
Twixt this reality temporal 
And that of the endless infinity aglow
That awaits all 
Is gloriously uncovered 
And the realm of darkness temporal
Is forevermore dispelled 
By the kingdom of light without end 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: from free images on Pixabay 

33 thoughts on ““In yonder heavens” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

  1. I like all the internal, full, and partial rhymes that make it fluid. The odd thing about the veil is that it’s not made of material things because the temporal material world includes the stars which like our sun are made of matter. The uncovering is more the substance of a dream. The ancient world thought of heaven having a location in the stars. But in the modern world the stars are other suns with planets and probably life, so heaven is not located there around those stars, or any stars. Pointing up to heaven is still a custom, But if there is to be any pointing now, it would be inward to a non-material spiritual world (neither up nor down). That’s why the use of metaphors on this subject is such a challenge. You do it well.

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  2. Oh…thank you so very much indeed for your kind concern! I am truly touched by your words and the fact that you have been in touch. Thank you also for your encouraging comments on my work.
    All is well thank you! There is much to be grateful for and we are all fine. I intend to recommence posting twice a week, either tomorrow or on Thursday at the latest. Owing to work commitments as well as the start of the gardening season in this part of the world I have got ahead and everything is under control and will now need routine maintenance until autumn. Also in a fit of enthusiasm I have cleared out bits and pieces, cardboard boxes, old no longer useful stuff etc and made a number of trips to the recycling centre. This was because I had been Furloughed for a while. Eventually there will be redecorating to begin…All good but time consuming.
    Strangely I have enjoyed my sabbatical and found it refreshing. I might do this every couple of months for a week or so. Some folk post that they are taking a break which is very thoughtful of them. Maybe I ought to have done the same!

    How have you been keeping? Is all well with you and yours?

    I am so grateful to you for asking. Thank you. Very many blessings always. 😊


  3. I meant to add that I have deliberately avoided looking at the work of others and commenting on it because I knew it would be irresistibly tempting to post too! ❤🌹


  4. I love the last section of this poem.
    “And the realm of darkness temporal
    Is forevermore dispelled
    By the kingdom of light without end”.

    It is such beautiful imagery evoked with beautiful words. Thank you for sharing this encouragement towards sharing light. ❤

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  5. Thank you for your kind words about this poem. I do love contemplating the eternal mysteries and giving voice to them. This often occurs as a poem progresses, having begun as a straightforward nature poem. Musing on the created world lifts one’s thoughts towards the creator.

    I am grateful to you for reading and for sharing your thoughts. Very many blessings always in all things ❤


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