“a golden sunset” #poem #poetry #verse

a golden sunset 
gilds the treetops 
far in the west 
and spreads a sheen of gold 
across the tranquil fields 
while in another quarter altogether 
the rhythm of an infinite firmament 
turns the sky a deep lilac 
and swathes the hills
in a haze of blue a shimmering 
as it casts a delicate sheet 
of pale lavender diaphanous 
‘cross the sparkling waters 
of the bejewelled lake 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Todd Trapani on Pexels 

17 thoughts on ““a golden sunset” #poem #poetry #verse

  1. It’s so beautiful to read about the glory of sunset while I am watching the sun rise gloriously higher in the sky here in New Zealand. Thank you for sharing this. 😊

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