“Simmering below the horizon” #poem #poetry #worldwidepoetry “WritingCommunity

Simmering below the horizon 
where fathomless seas 
encounter an infinite cosmos 
A lambent star of daylight 
ablaze with celestial fervour 
anticipates the hour of dawn 

The gilded orb as old as time 
spurns the timid mists 
that mar the flawless intent 
of clear skies in a duck egg blue 

As they abide in the hour of an early morn 
and emanate from the silent heights 
Which pervade the cool chambers 
secluded amid myriad heavenly cloisters 

Where fleeting shadows of night and day collude 
for to darken or to illumine 
the realm of earthly mortals

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Quangpraha on Pixabay 

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