“The voice that speaks light” #poem #poetry #WritingCommunity

The voice that speaks light 
into the stars and moon by night 
And addresses daylight by name 
in the early morn 
as it talks of brightness and warmth 
to the great star of day at dawn 

The voice which rouses the dormant life 
in the slumbering seed 
within the unseen depths 
of the earth concealed 

The voice that utters into being 
the hues of sky at sunset 
And paints the majestic crepuscular firmament 

Is the voice that brings light 
into the darkness of a troubled soul

It is the voice that shines 
a ray of hope everlasting 
into the lives of the fearful and the lost

It is the voice that illumines the path of the pilgrim
until journey’s end 
And destination reached
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: jpdvg on Pixabay 

17 thoughts on ““The voice that speaks light” #poem #poetry #WritingCommunity

  1. Thank you very much for your thoughtfully expressed comments.
    I’m delighted that my poem resonated with you in this way
    The voice can always be heard by those who have ears to hear
    And the light is always seen by those who have eyes to see
    And a heart that yearns for the almighty
    Many blessings always

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