“An enchanting moon” #poem #poetry #writing

An enchanting moon 
of salmon pink 
Whose enigmatic countenance 
swathed in a gauze 
of wispy cloud 
Graced the skies 
with the anguished beauty 
of a sorrowful mien 

As it shivered in the foothills 
of a mountainous winter sky 
forsaken by the departed sunset spectacular 

And began to ascend the celestial wall
with majestic splendour  
by a retinue of diamond white stars escorted
‘Gainst a backdrop of night
endowed by an infinity of indigo 
That spread through the lofty heights 
of inky emptiness 

Where the orb of nightfall emerged 
from behind its shroud of nebulous opacity 
Its destiny to fulfil
attired in the splendour of ivory garb 
at the hour of midnight 
For to cast an enigmatic light beguiling 
across the empyrean ceiling entire

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Nick Owuor (astro.nic.visuals) (astro_nic 25) on Unsplash 

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