“A sky of lavender and lilac” #poem #poet #poetry

A sky of lavender and lilac 
coruscated with recollections 
That emanated from the glory 
of a perished sunset 
Which but a moment ago 
had adorned the heavens

Where a deep mauve 
turned to dusky blue
And spectres of violet darkness 
burgeoned in the distance

When the remote evening skies
merged with yon shadows of night
Dusted with a stygian penumbra 
and spattered with diamond white stars 

As they swept through the impassive emptiness 
Where the nascent nighthour 
addressed the other oblivion 
from the world of indigo 

While an opaline moon 
dangled low in the incipient obscurity
For to brush the enigmatic scape 
with a glow of pale cream

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: quangle on Pixabay

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